Free encrypted messaging app from TFC and much more

Silicon Valley, California (SleeperCells) – The Fifth Column released six Droid apps this morning. Brush Pass, the flagship app, is a text messaging app with the ability to deploy end-to-end encryption with the click of a button. Users of the app can send encrypted messages to other Brush Pass users or users of Telegram.  An app of this sort makes sense coming from TFC. The app that streams The Voice of the Infiltration makes sense. The measurement conversion tool makes some sense. There are also two arcade games and even a drinking game in the line up. Those seem a little out of place for The Fifth Column, at first glance.

Every app TFC has released, and those to be released at a later date, are part of our emergency alert system, which we have taken to simply calling “the NET” (Nongovernmental Emergency Transmission). The Net combines TFC’s websites, social media accounts, radio streams, apps, and video operations to relay absolutely critical information during an emergency. The Net isn’t for breaking news, it’s for emergency information. In the event of some form of critical emergency, TFC can send an alert through the app to relay emergency information.

Examples of alerts you might receive:

NET ALERT MIAMI: Hurricane Kristin has contaminated the city’s fresh water supplies. Bottled water being distributed at 8th and Main, 34th and Park, and Cross and 6th.

NET ALERT KURDISTAN: Islamic State troops have taken up positions to the south of Sardis.

NET ALERT DC: Protesters dispersed by force. Crowd regrouping at Lincoln Memorial.

The apps won’t be used to inform you every time an article is published or for advertising purposes. They are strictly for emergencies.

We chose to make some of the apps simple games to help the user avoid detection if under an oppressive regime. We will soon release several apps that are clearly for children.

All of the apps are free to download and free to use.

You can take a look at the apps here. We ask all of our readers to choose an app and install it. This network will only succeed if the recipient is capable of receiving the information.