Class Disparity, Folk Magic, and Insurrection w/ Dr. Bones of The Conjure House

In this installment of the Free Radical Media podcast, Free Radical Media co-hosts Eric Scott Pickard and Patrick Ryan speak to Dr. Bones of the Conjure House.

Dr. Bones, an insurrectionist anarchist and occultist, is a Hoodoo Practitioner, activist, and writer. He has been published in numerous online forums, including Disinformation and the excellent Gods and Radicals, a website that brought Dr. Bones to the attention of Free Radical Media and is highly recommended. He is also the founder of Hoodoo group The Conjure House.

It is worth mentioning here that Gods and Radicals has an excellent primer on the connections between anti-capitalism and Paganism on their website, available at this link, which is discussed briefly during the conversation.

In the conversation, Dr. Bones discusses the synergy between the Pagan and activist and anti-authoritarian/capitalist communities and the history of folk magick and radicalism being practiced hand in hand by oppressed communities. He and the Free Rad crew also discuss atheism and Scientism, especially in the context of Pagan and other “alternative” spiritual and political beliefs, as well as the work of the founder of individualist anarchism Max Stirner. In a lively and interesting session, Dr. Bones and the hosts find points of agreement in a disparate but interconnected web of topics – the goal of Free Radical Media and certainly right in the milieu of the podcast.

Dr. Bones can be best contacted through his page for The Conjure House as well as through his author pages on the aforementioned media outlets.

You can also listen directly via the Free Radical Media podcast website or via Itunes.

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