Restaurant’s Racist Salt and Pepper Rule

A southern business owner is catching a lot of heat for a strange new policy that he recently initiated, that many people are calling extremely racist. Richard Taft is the owner and general manager of the high-end restaurant, Mezzo’s, in Charleston, South Carolina. A couple of months ago Taft started fining people for breaking a preposterous restaurant rule. At every table in Mezzo’s there sits a small sign that reads, “please keep the salt and pepper on separate but equal sides of this sign, failure to do so will result in a $100 fine, thank you for your consideration. Needless to say people are livid, but Taft keeps his sign up and still enforces his fine. You would think that his business would be hurting because of his idiocy, but in fact the opposite is true, Mezzo’s has never been more popular. In his own words Taft explains:

You know, all of this started as a kind of joke. I know it’s racist as hell but that’s the point. I opened my restaurant over thirty years ago, its only recently become popular when all of these hipsters decided that fresh food was good, no shit, but hey that just means I can charge an arm and a leg for a homegrown tomato. Anyway, I got really sick of these damned yuppies coming in here and insulting my president while glorifying socialism, all well spending hundreds of dollars on their supper right, ironic isn’t it. That’s all we get in here anymore are yuppies, Hilary lovin’ Trump hatin’ yuppies, and I just got sick of their bullshit. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the kids rallying against Trump, I admire their passion. Hell when I was a kid I had long hair and protested Nixon, it’s what you do when you’re young, fight, and then grow up when you see the bigger picture. These posh yuppies don’t know a damned thing, I hear them complaining about capitalism, and bitching about how the working man is getting screwed over, and then I watch them leave a shitty tip and then get into their BMW’s and drive away, it’s a joke. The last straw for me was the night four of these guys came in, had several rounds of drinks, and then insulted my friend and chef, that was it. These guys wanted to personally thank him for the great job he had done on their meals, of course like they always do they started talking politics with him. When Henry, my chef, told them that he had voted for Trump they started to berate him. They called him a racist, a race trader, and even an uncle Tom. Being a black guy, Henry didn’t care for that very much. So, I decided to get back at these guys who come in every Friday, I decided to mess with them and all of their yuppie kind. I asked Henry what he thought would be the best way to really get under their skin and he said to me, “these kind of people love to appear to hate racism,” so after a little thought we decided to put up signs and fine people for placing the salt and pepper next to each other. The following Friday when those four guys came in they freaked out, of course they put the salt and pepper next to each other and paid the fine. Before they left they saw Henry and asked him how he felt about all of this, Henry just said to them “you want my opinion? But I’m a race traitor.” That left them speechless, they just stormed out. I didn’t think they’d show back up, but they did, and they put the salt and pepper next to each other and paid the fine again, in protest they said, idiots. Of course my restaurant grew extremely popular and I started to get a bunch of people who wanted to pay me, in protest of my silly rule. Henry and I have already made quite a bit of money. Maybe next time I’ll build a wall and charge people for bringing salsa over it. I love America.

Taft has increased the price of many of his plates since his restaurant has become so popular. Mezzo’s became so popular that Donald Trump himself went there to eat, he allegedly left the salt and pepper where they were and gave Taft a thumbs up after doing so.