Nostradamus predicts Trump and WWIII

Experts have stumbled upon a previously overlooked Nostradamus quatrain, and like every other quatrain, the experts have read very far into it.  Scholars claim that the newly discovered quatrain is about Donald Trump, and the end of the world. The quatrain reads:

The orange trumpet wades in the crimson river,                                                                                                               the cracked bell, forged anew, rings clear;                                                                                                                              clouds formed from the brightness will rain,                                                                                                                      from the heavens come the elliptic ones.

Cambridge professor of crypto-science, Earl Schweitzer, claims that he knows exactly what Nostradamus was prophesying when he wrote this quatrain nearly 500 years ago. Professor Schweitzer says:

The great master Nostradamus told us many things in his works, but none thus far have been as frightening as this four-lined prophecy. This is a warning to us from the renaissance about the end of the world, and the mad man who will usher in the final curtain call. The first three words of the first quatrain, “the orange trumpet,” clearly refers to Donald Trump, we know this for many reasons, one of which is due to where this quatrain lies compared with the others. The following five words of the first quatrain refer to Donald Trump rejoicing, and subsequently cleansing himself in the blood of his many victims, which will flow like a river. This is obvious when you know that the word crimson was usually referring to blood, due to its unique color, when spoken in the time of Nostradamus. The second line refers to the liberty bell being remade by the hands of a madman, and everyone living within the nation of the bell will hear its deceptive call, forcing them all to take up arms and fight in Trump’s war, which will be world war three. We know world war three will be a nuclear war of epic proportions, by reading the third line. New clouds will form in the clear sky, and they will be made of ash, ash from the nuclear fallout. The last line is rather interesting, from it we have deciphered that during, or after the nuclear war, aliens will come down to earth, either to stop more bombs from exploding, or to clean up our mess after we’re gone, on this one we’re not exactly sure but we are sure it is either one of the two.

We may never know if this quatrain is true, because like all other quatrain’s we cannot validate it until after the event happens, and if that is true, no one will be here to say that that’s what it meant.