National Guard ends Chaos on Campus

The national guard was called in to keep the peace at Modesto State University in California early this morning when social unrest between the students grew out of control. Trouble began when a college sophomore played a short video featuring a right winged priest in his sociology class to illustrate his point about the dangers of political extremism. After class some of his fellow students with strong left winged ideals, who strongly disagreed with him, followed him to see where he lived. The students who followed him saw that he went into a dorm that they had thought was reserved for seniors only. After some investigation they had discovered that the administration did away with the seniors only dorm and filled it instead with students who were believed to have moderate to strong right winged beliefs, in order to prevent trouble between the students. When this information was shared among the student body, and faculty alike, a large group gathered outside of the republican dorm and began to protest, demanding each student residing there be expelled on grounds of being members of the American Nazi party. Obviously the protest didn’t sit well with those in the dorm especially among the several African-American, Asian, Latino, Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish students.

The protest went on through the night and worsened the following day when the protesters barred the doors preventing the students in the dorm from going to class, or leaving at all for any reason. After the third day students within the dorm began throwing everything from beer cans to mattresses out of the windows in hopes of driving the protesters away. By the fourth day the students in the dorm began launching fireworks down at the protest. After one of the protesters was reportedly burned on the arm by a bottle rocket he formed a small group within the protest and lit a small section of the dorm on fire. The fire wasn’t extremely large but the smoke from it filled the dorm causing a panic resulting in 8 students jumping from second story windows. The students who jumped were viciously attacked after they hit the ground.

Modesto police, fire, and EMS who’ve been on the scene since day three tried once more and failed to break through the crowd to extinguish the fire, provide medical service, and quell the violence. After the fire spread to an administrative building the national guard was called, they arrived quickly, and heavily armed. The protest erupted when the national guard arrived leaving soldiers with no other option but to use deadly force, as their lives were in danger due to several Molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices being thrown at them. The national guard fired a total of 249 5.56mm bullets above the crowd at first and then into the crowd when the warning shots failed to scare them off. 74 students within the protest and 16 students who were still locked in the dormitory have been shot. President Trump has issued the following statement: