CIA Weaponized Narcotics

Leaked documents from the CIA reveal United States government use of illicit, licit, and prescription substances to dumb down and control the American people. The story broke just after daybreak on Wednesday morning when an analyst by the name of Michael O’Malley brought to the attention of the American people via alternative media highly classified documents he had smuggled out of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia just before he went underground. The 2100 page document titled Covert Warfare of the Psyche dates back to the early 1950’s and describes in detail how substances can and will be weaponized against the American people, the following is an excerpt from the document.

Civilian presence in our system has long been a threat. Threats can be exposed, disrupted, misdirected, discredited, or otherwise neutralized in a manner that is quiet and non-suspicious. A soft dissident can be incarcerated for X amount of years with proper placement of an illicit substance. A heavy dissident can be liquidated in such a way that looks accidental with proper use of illicit and non-illicit substances alike. The allure of illicit substances will likely draw to its use rebellious and insightful users which will create addicts of future dissidents thus weakening them.

The document also shows how alcohol and prescription medications are used to attack the American people before a threat even occurs.

Moderate use of alcohol lowers the intelligence of the population which allows us to further work in the shadows unnoticed; marketing for alcoholic beverages should be increased and implanted with sexually subliminal messages. Medication is created and distributed to gifted children before they become a threat; medication will cease in cases of outside contracting that prove beneficial to us.

The use of psychological medications are also mentioned.

Increase yearly faux psychological disorders to manufacture new medications to be distributed under the guise of safe being labeled non-controlled to further ensure every American freely consume their own nullifier. Americans that take no medications use no illicit substance and drink no alcohol are to be monitored heavily.

The whereabouts of Michael O’Malley are unknown but in a cruel twist the U.S. government has labeled him a major narcotic smuggler and have put a $500,000 reward out for his capture.