Clowns Take Washington by Surprise

Around 250 clowns descended onto the streets of Washington DC today to raise awareness for their cause. N.R. Smalls, a professional circus performer, and leader of the newly formed organization, ‘the couple hundred clown march,’ called upon his fellow clowns to join him in protest of the portrayal of clowns in modern society. The CHCM whom refreshingly have no political agenda decided to take their unique cause to the streets of Washington hoping that they would be heard. At the

At the protest, Smalls said, “I knew that I was not alone in my disapproval of how clowns are seen in general these days. We couldn’t take it anymore, those guys who dressed up last year as clowns just to stalk people and freak them out and now ‘It’ in theaters everywhere just pushed us over the edge, so I made a few calls and here we are.” The protest was a lively event, the clowns started performing out of the gate, for example, all 250 of them showed up in 9 cars.

They didn’t have any angry protest chant they just walked along juggling and singing and tripping one and other for a laugh. For self-defense they had seltzers bottles and pies but they weren’t needed, nobody knew it was a protest as there were no fights nor people screaming at one and other just a couple hundred pleasant clowns who brought laughter to Washington if only for a moment. No one knew what was going on when they saw the white faces and colorful outfits coming their way but they stopped what they were going to enjoy the show. Of the thousands of onlookers, there were members of the alt-right and Antifa with arms around one and other holding each other up amidst the crowd falling over from laughter. Smalls stated, “we accomplished what we set out to do, nobody had to know why we were here because they were experiencing it. Everybody was laughing and having a good time, they saw us as they should.” Perhaps N.R. Smalls will never know the true impact of the peace he and his fellow clowns brought to us. The media didn’t mention N.R. smalls and his happy clowns as no one there had any fear to sell them. Trumped assumed it was his family coming to town for their annual reunion and joined them on their march, nobody knew the difference.