ISIS Rally in DC turns into fight between Alt-Right and ANTIFA

Today the Islamic State was recruiting at the National Mall in Washington, DC. A very brazen move on the part of the five individuals recruiting in the heart of the capital of the country they wish to destroy. Along with the common rhetoric, you would expect to hear from those recruiting for the Islamic State, they could not be touched due to the fact that, “we have broken no laws as we have not yet called for an attack on the pig-dog scum, the United States,” the group’s spokesman said.

When asked what their objective was their spokesman stated, “we are here to recruit individuals who are willing to die for our cause, we are looking for strong warriors to fight for us, nonviolently as I’m obligated to say at this time, against the capitalist, fascist, racist, pigs here in the great Satan America.“ There was a great number of people and a couple of political groups who came to this event, though their stances on the issues were mixed. A strong right-wing organization came to protest the “terrorists,” as they called them, but did strongly defend their right to free speech, their chants were very confusing ranging from, “love this country or leave it!” to “we support your right to assemble!” A strong left-wing organization came to defend the “victims” as they called them but then firmly opposed their right to free speech. “ Their chants ranged from, “we’re with you brothers down with fascism!” to “safety safety, shame shame, this is a safe space, your anger is lame.”

The five men recruiting for the Islamic State were quickly overshadowed by the right and left wing political groups and hastily left when a fight broke out between the two groups, several were injured in the fight including one Islamic State supporter who would like to thank the fine members of the Washington medical crew for quickly getting him to the hospital and promptly treating his injury, something that would not have happened in his homeland he reportedly said. ANTIFA where also on the scene that day but promised the Islamic State recruiters they would stay out of any trouble that may arise if they could get their hands on some of those, “neat uniforms ISIS wears.” The man who received medical attention has since dropped his call to arms against America.