CIA Hiring Smugglers for Special Programs

In a move reminiscent of the crazy plots of the Cold War, the Central Intelligence Agency is recruiting an army of smugglers. CIA recruiters are visiting different prisons in the United States and giving convicted smugglers an offer straight out of a spy thriller: join the CIA and get out prison, today. As with everything with the government, there’s a catch.

The catch is that the new CIA assets will have to pick up their old habits and begin smuggling for the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s long been established the Central Intelligence Agency funds many of its covert operations by smuggling narcotics. The history is long and sordid.

The CIA is taking a proactive step because it is in danger of being denied access to one of the largest markets for narcotics in the world. Candidates will be taken immediately from prisons in the United States and Latin American and transported to Williamsburg, Virginia for advanced training. They will be given new identities and released inside the United States to begin work planning routes to get around the newest obstacle to CIA smuggling operations: The Wall.

Professional smugglers who have experience dealing with the militarized borders of other regimes will be of great use to the CIA as they struggle to keep money flowing to rag-tag groups of freedom fighters in the Middle East, like ISIS who are successfully destabilizing the regime of Syria strongman President Assad. CIA operatives have little experience moving across the US border without the cooperation of other federal agencies. It is worried the wall may dampen interagency cooperation and thereby cut vital funding to freedom fighters around the world.