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Cornel West and Abby Martin Analyze the Black Radical Political Tradition

(SleeperCells) — Back on television with a new called ‘Empire Files‘, Abby Martin– the former host of RT’s Breaking the Set– explores a Black History Month narrative forgotten by too many and omitted from us by the establishment: the Black radical political tradition.

But why? What is the traditional political establishment in the U.S. afraid of?

In addition to speeches from legends such as Angela Davis and Mumia Abu-Jamal, this week’s episode of The Empire Files features a one-on-one interview with Dr. Cornel West. The host and founder of Media Roots, Abby Martin, provides a thought-provoking snapshot from inside the ‘Black Radical Tradition In Our Time‘ conference held in Philadelphia.

Dr. West is the first African American to graduate from Princeton with a Ph.D in philosophy. In August of 2015, he was one of the first to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

So what is Black radical political tradition? There might not be a more qualified mind to explain what you’re not being told than Dr. Cornel West. If you haven’t seen Abby’s new project airing once a week on teleSUR, we highly recommend it.


“The new show, called The Empire Files, is a weekly, documentary-style investigative report presented by Abby Martin and airing from Friday September 4, 2015 on teleSUR English.

The show’s mission is to document a world plagued by rampant inequality and endless war by putting an incisive lens on power, corruption and globalization through rigorous investigative journalism.

The Empire Files will cover local and global issues linked to the empire, its endless war on terror, and its disastrous impact on human and civil rights at home and abroad. Abby Martin will lead a team providing coverage and analysis from the field with a fearless, aggressive edge backed by rigorous fact-driven reporting and first-hand accounts.” — teleSUR Press Release

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